Airline Pilot Training

An Airline Pilot requires a vocational training provided by private bodies such as the ESMA Aviation ACADEMY and recognized by the civil aviation institutions.

The Pilot training consists in theoretical phases namely the 14 ATPL modules, and flight phases validating stage by stage the Pilot Licence.

Trainees must validate every module at the French Civil Aviation Center within 36 months maximum, which will determine with weather conditions their progress in the training.

The ESMA owns a fleet of 20 Diamond aircrafts, dedicated to pilot training for instruction flights: 14 DA40 and 6 DA42 all maintained by our own workshop Part145.

Airline Pilot – The job

Consult the Airline Pilot Job Description if you want to read all about this interesting job.

Being an Airline Pilot is a very demanding position and requires an absolute rigor. This dream job for many is accessible with seriousness and a sense of responsibilities. Seated at the flight commands of a plane with hundreds of passengers, it is necessary to respect safety regulations and procedures organized by the authorities. In these conditions salaries are often attractive but they fulfill their responsibilities. To avoid endanger the smooth running of flights, all pilots must be in excellent health and for this reason they undergo an annual very strict medical examination where any physical failure can lead to pilot’s licence withdrawal.

As Airline Pilot, you might be available for any international position, for your employability and once working in an airline when you will have to travel out of your base.

Postgraduate Education

Airline Pilot training is offered after High School in private aviation schools such as the ESMA. Applicants must provide a certificate for at least the final year of high school with a preference for scientific program. A preparation class for Engineer School is not required and trainees can enter the ESMA without any piloting previous experience.

The integrated training program, which lead to the airline pilot license is realized over 18 months. During this period, trainees validate stage by stage the ATPL modules and flight phases at the school. English being essential, refresher courses may be offered to facilitate the training particularly for the flights phases.

At the end of the training, new pilots will have the opportunity to apply as commercial pilot.

Training Calendar

Find here all the sessions dates for Integrated Pilot, Flight Instructor or Modular training.

Dates may be changed according to the schedule and fill rate.