Flight Dispatcher Job Description

A Flight Dispatcher works at the airline headquarter or for a ground-handling company. They prepare the flight dossier by taking all external information such as meteorology and air navigation. Before every flight they operate a briefing with the crew. A Flight Dispatcher must be reactive in case of unforeseen circumstances on the flight and be able to propose rerouting solutions for the Captain. For this reason they are in constant communication with local authorities, airports, aircraft crew and airport ground staff. They also have to keep abreast of the latest changes of data concerning the NOTAM and the air spaces.

Training and Prerequisites

The Flight Dispatcher job is a technical position for which it is necessary to master English and mathematics mainly. The requested minimum level is a A-Level and it is necessary to be at least 21 years-old to enter the training. We can receive applications without having the minimum level of studies if the candidates has an experience in the aviation. In this case, an interview will be conducted with the educational training team at the ESMA.

Job Competences

  • Rigor and methodology
  • Reactivity
  • Concentration
  • Stress management
  • English fluency
  • Team worker
  • Versatility for missions

Flight Dispatcher Missions

  • Meteorology analyze
  • NOTAM analyze
  • Flight plans creation and dispatch to flight crew
  • Bilateral communication with the airports
  • Flight Crew planning management
  • Flight Dispatch software use

Flight Dispatcher Salary

The Flight Dispatcher’s salary in France according to the employer is fixed between 1 600€ and 2 000€ (gross) per month but it can rise to 4 000€ (gross). The ground-handling companies in business aviation are the most gainful. Due to their staggered working hours on irregular days, Flight Dispatchers receive bonuses and allowances which allow them to value their basic salary.

Evolutions and Career Opportunities

Flight Dispatchers can progress professionnally as Station Manager in an airline or an airport or as Air Fret Professional. Furthermore, thanks to their versatile training or by following a continuous training, they can reach other job orientations still in ground staff or even as Commercial Pilot. Career opportunities within the airlines or ground-handling companies are bigger, which can encourage a professional retraining. Thus, the multi-skills training offered at the ESMA are valuable for your career.

Flight Dispatcher Training

The training is realized in 10 weeks, including 7 weeks of theory and 3 weeks of internship. Professional instructors train the future Dispatchers on meteorology, air navigation, dangerous goods. They also use computer systems such as PPS (Preflight Planning System), flight planning software. Trainees are at the ESMA in real working conditions. At the end of these 5 theoretical weeks, they have acquired all necessary requirements to realize their internship of 3 weeks in a company. The internship is compulsory to validate the initial training.

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