Ramp Agent Job Description

The Ramp Agent is a handler working for an airline or a ground-handling company. They are all the airport staff who conduct aircraft operations directly on the runway.

Ramp Agents start their shift when the boarding gate opens in order to gather luggage and bring them into the plane as soon as this one is ready for the load. They also unload the aircraft, drive the machines (bagage conveyor, loader …). With some experience they can practise themself the aircraft towing and push back. They are responsible for the material they use and their role in the security is essential.

Training and Prerequisites

The applicants for the Ramp Agent training must provide a certificate for at least their final year of secondary school. The ESMA offers training sessions for Ramp Agent during the whole year. Trainees will have to be 18 years-old minimum to take up a position as intern in an airline and then to work right after the training.

Job Competences

  • Physical conditions
  • Resistance to weather conditions
  • Reactivity
  • Versatility
  • Rigor
  • Team worker
  • Self-control and anticipation capacity

Ramp Agent Missions

  • Aircraft marchaling
  • Loading and unloading bagages, fret and dangerous goods
  • Runway machines driving
  • Work with Turnaround Coordinators
  • Defrosting operations

Ramp Agent Salary

The Ramp Agent’s salary in France is different according to the employer but it varies between 1 500€ and 1 800€ (gross) per month. Their salary is determined according to their working hours. 

Evolutions and Career Opportunities

Ramp Agents can progress professionnally as Assistant Coordinator, Team Manager or supervisor for management missions. Furthermore, thanks to their versatile training or by following a continuous training, they can follow other job orientations still in ground staff. Career opportunities within the airlines or ground-handling companies are bigger, which can encourage a professional retraining. Thus, the multi-skills training offered at the ESMA are valuable for your career.

Ramp Agent Training

The training is realized in 5 weeks, including 2 weeks of theory and 3 weeks of internship. Professional instructors train the future agents on air loading regulations, dangerous good, security rules. During the training they have 2 days to spend with our partner ALYZIA 3S Group to learn aircraft loading and unloading, visit the premises… This training is recognized by aviation sector companies and realized by professionals. An internship of 3 weeks will put into practice the theoretical knowledge.

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