Ramp Agent Training

An Airport Passenger Service Agent requires a vocational training provided by private bodies such as the ESMA and recognized by aviation sector companies.

The training comprises a short theoretical session during which the school instructors train the future agents on air loading procedures and regulations, dangerous good, security rules, airlines, etc. This training realized by professionals will lead you to complete your aviation diploma. You will have to do an internship to put in practice your theoretical knowledge. This experience can regularly result in a job offer.

The Ramp Agent training requires a fluent english speaking and good health conditions. Realise your training at the ESMA and give you all the chances to get your diploma.

All ESMA Ground Staff training programs exist still 1990 and target individuals or companies who wish to learn a new trade in a short period which is opened to A-Level profiles.

The Diploma

The ESMA training gives your the opportunity to become a Ramp Agent in an airport, an airline or a ground-handling company. 

It is the only training at the ESMA, offered for applicants with less than a A-Level (Secondary school level required). However a good English level remains necessary.

The general public is often unaware of this training, which gives a chance for people with few educational degrees to enter the aviation sector.

Theoretical training

During the training, courses take place within the school. Trainees follow modules on airlines, aircraft loading, airport security and fret in general. They are also trained on runway material and aircraft processing. For this training, ESMA gives individual access to working platforms in computing rooms.

Instructors are former professionals who can share their experience and competences with you.

Practical training – Internship

The Ramp Agent training at the ESMA can be validated only after an internship realization. This experience will have to put into practice the theoretical knowledge and will be subject to an internship report. This document describes activity and tasks realized by the trainee, but also includes the manager evaluation about his work.

It is the trainee duty to find an internship, however our instructors remain available to speak about the sector and the companies which are hiring, as well as to bring recommendations during applications. The company can be situated in France or at the international scale in a ground-handling company or an airline.

An internship can often lead to a hiring if the trainee meets the company requirements. As an advice you must follow with serious this internship and show your interest in the team work.

Training prerequisites

  • Be aged between 18 and 45 years old
  • Secondary school level or significant professional experience
  • Fluent English
  • Clean police record
  • Good presentation
  • Geographical mobility


Duration: 2 weeks in class / 3 weeks in company

Training price: 1 090€

Training modules calendar

You can find all training sessions on the page Calendar.

The internship will be done on the period given by the ESMA.

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