Initial Training

From Airlines and civil aviation to handling and service companies, ESMA offers full or tailor-made training programs, ab initio of pilot cadets or mechanics.

We look after complete student care, starting with a test of entry and selection process available in France or your home country. We offer accommodation and per diem and have many programs available dedicated to strengthening companies and authorities.

Modular Training

Are you interested in one or more modules that we offer in our various training courses?

We can provide tailor-made modular training available in our school or at your place of employment in a variety of our specialised sectors.

Skills Maintenance

Does your team need to upskill in a certain area to maintain standards, achieve company growth, or meet changes in regulations?

At ESMA, we can perform specific professional refreshes for our professional clients in a variety of aviation fields.

Strategic Consulting

ESMA supports you in any strategic development your company is undertaking by bringing you our training excellence. We are also able to provide advice on structure setup, endorsement implementation and accreditation.

The PART 145 Maintenance Workshop

The approved maintenance workshop FR.145.0571 is qualified for the complete maintenance of the fleet DA40 and DA42 of ESMA.

We have an avionic workshop for Aircraft Station Licence (ASL) achievement for any aircraft type, pitot/static anemometric tests, clutch KAP140/GFC700.

Our workshop is also certified by Continental Diesel and Austro Engine for engine maintenance.

We are licensed G+I FR.MG.0314 agreement (Airworthiness DA40 and DA42 series extension and renewal).

In addition to our aircraft, our approvals allow us to respond to your requests for fleet management, avionics tests and maintenance.
Maintenance workshop contact: 04 67 13 75 00 extension 7610


Maintenance of Simulators

We have been maintaining our 4 FNPT2 DA42 and FNPT2 MCC flight simulators for over 20 years.

At ESMA, our specialized technicians carry out QTG tests, settings for force feedback, visual, upgrade, etc.

They monitor and prepare for the annual renewal of the DGAC certification.

We can carry out maintenance and monitoring of customer simulators.

Simulator maintenance contact: 04 67 13 75 00 extension 7663