Foundation Course

Montpellier, France


14 Weeks


The information you want. The knowledge you need.  

Airways Aviation – ESMA offers the mandatory foundation course at all its locations. The foundation course is the first step on your journey to becoming a fully licensed pilot. After its competition, you will have the ability to commence full flight training at one of our pilot training academies in Germany or France.

We recognize that big dreams often start early. Becoming a pilot is the ultimate dream for many and is often considered as a potential career from a young age, long before training can actually start. Many would-be pilots are keen to find out more about what life is like as an airline pilot, military pilot, or helicopter pilot, how the industry works, what to study, and if help is available. The most frequently asked questions we receive from aspiring pilots are usually about how and where to gain the qualifications required by employers, what knowledge and skills are required, and simply, ‘how do I become a pilot?’

These future aviators are not yet ready to begin training since they lack the proper education, knowledge, qualifications, and skills needed, but they want to learn, research, and prepare for a flying career now. The information gathering process can be overwhelming when you’re just beginning, but we have made this process much simpler with the assistance of our experts.

Introducing the mandatory new Pilot Foundation Course

Learn the basic foundations of becoming an airline pilot in our exciting and interactive classroom courses in one of our bases at a location near you.  Learn the fundamentals of piloting theory as well as experience flight simulator training to see if you have what it takes to succeed in your chosen aviation training course. The Aviation English language element of our pathway program ensures students are given the extra support and assistance needed to succeed.

Our Pilot Pathway Program is an excellent option for international students who are looking for a more supportive learning environment in the first formative weeks and months.  

Pathway students are advised to take advantage of the availability of highly skilled trainers operating within a well-resourced and supportive environment and help enhance their training & education to become a commercial pilot.  This course is the perfect option for students interested in beginning their aviation studies one step at a time. Domestic and international students are able to enroll prior to the beginning of the semester.

  • 1 Trial Introductory Flight
  • Aviation English
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Aircraft General Knowledge & Instrumentation
  • Principles of Flight
  • Air Law & Operational Procedures
  • Flight Radio Communication (RT+ELP Preparation)
  • Meteorology
  • General Navigation & Radio Navigation
  • Performance & Mass and Balance
  • Flight Planning
  • Human Factors  


Must be at least 15 years old.

Must have a good command in English.

Must be medically fit.

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Carreer Opportunities

Apart from the in-house sessions, the class will take frequent trips to the airport to see first-hand how what was learned in class, could be implemented in real world.


Career Opportunities

Our tailored curriculum has been developed by industry professionals to provide a meaningful introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of aviation. You will gain the theoretical knowledge required to progress, with confidence, to full flight training at one of our Pilot Training Academies.

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Apart from the in-house sessions, the class will take frequent trips to the airport to see first-hand how what was learned in class, could be implemented in real world.

The CCA and TOEIC® courses are eligible for the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation)
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