3AF Conference by Jean-Louis MONTEL

Deputy Technical Director General of Dassault Aviation

MERCREDI 15 JUIN 2016   17h30

At the ESMA Amphitheater – Aéroport Montpellier Méditerranée

Free entrance.

Information / Booking

06 33 07 94 11 / 06 32 39 48 06 / 06 07 77 92 84


The Rafale is the only omni role plane in service in the world.

After a brief reminder on the plane genesis and the national programs and current export, the main characteristics of the plane and its system will be presented to illustrate this omni role character which gathers several concepts applied as well to the cell as the on board sensors. A short reminder on the Rafale competitors will allow to place the plane and the advance on its main challengers. The recent successes in the export will allow to illustrate the stakes for the aircraft and defense industry on the industrial and economic plan.

Lastly, a look towards the future will show that the Rafale will always be at the heart of the combat aviation for at least the next twenty years with doubtless new incomers that are the combat UAV.


Jean-Louis MONTEL

Former Director of Test Flights at Dassault Aviation during the development period of Rafale, Mirage 2000-5 France version andExport, Falcon 2000 EX, 900 EX and new generation avionics on all Falcon models.

Early career in Test Flights at Dassault Aviation as Test Engineer. Main programs : Mirage F1, Falcon 20, Mirage 2000, Atlantique, Super Etendard.