Aircraft Maintenance Training

Aircraft Maintenance Technicians require a vocational training provided by private bodies such as the ESMA Aviation Academy and recognized by the civil aviation institutions.

In France, Aircraft Maintenance Technician training are offered starting by a Vocational Training Qualification (Secondary School level) in aircraft maintenance or by an Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level (option cell system or avionic). These exams give the oportunity to work as Aircraft Technician and can be supplemented by an Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention and a Part-66 (Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing).

The Aircraft Maintenance HND delivers the skills for Senior Technician in aircraft maintenance. The latter will work on team management, relations between builders and customers, flight security application and preparation of Operators activities on aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician – The job

The Aircraft  Technicians start their career as Operator in maintenance workshop, Equipment Manufacturer or Manufacturer. Their objective? Ensure aircraft and passengers safety. They work on every aircraft types according to their license, as well as on light single-engined aircraft as on large multi-engine aircraft.

They can can progress professionnally with continuous training for other aircraft types or for acquiring responsibilities. They can reach Workshops Foreman and Aircraft Technicians Team Manager positions.

Opportunities are wide and there is a high employability in France or abroad. However it is necessary to master written and oral English to operate this job.

If you need more information about this job, you can consult the Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Description.

Postgraduate Education

You can study training for Aircraft Technician at the ESMA from the sixth year in high school.

What training should you choose to become an aircraft maintenance technician? A good academic record, a high motivation for aircrafts and a sufficient English level to exchange with professionals are necessary to integrate an Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level. To apply for the Aircraft Maintenance HND, you must hold a A-Level whether it is an Aircraft Professional A-Level or in sciences, the selection is made on the file.

The Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level and Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention can be done in apprenticeship program respectively during 2 years and 1 year. In this case, students have to find a company where they will work alternatively with courses at the ESMA. The Aircraft Maintenance HND is an initial training prepared over 2 years with a final national examination. Find more information about the Aircraft Technician profession on the dedicated page.

Training Calendar

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Dates may be changed according to the schedule and fill rate.