Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training

The Aircraft Maintenance Training begins at the ESMA with an Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level (option cell system or avionic). Students may also follow an Aircraft Maintenance HND to acquire the skills of Senior Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Other training programs deliver more qualifications as the Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing or the Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention and give Technicians the opportunity to gain responsibilities in their daily work.

Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level (Option Systems or Avionic)

The ESMA Aviation Academy is a Vocational Training Center dedicated to Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level. Students can choose between an apprenticeship or an initial program. By choosing an apprenticeship, students have to find a company where they will work 5 weeks alternated with 5 weeks of course at the ESMA.

The diploma is approved by the Ministry of National Education and courses respect the official baseline for Professional A-Level.

The courses delivered by national education teachers to students are the following:

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences
  • History and Geography
  • Economy and Management
  • French
  • English
  • Artistic Education
  • Sport

Supplemented by aviation applied courses:

  • Sciences and industrial techniques
  • Cell Systems
  • Turbomachinery
  • Hélicopters
  • Flight mechanic
  • On-bord instruments
  • Piston engine
  • Radionavigation

At the ESMA, theoretical courses are completed by practical exercises realized within the workshop where students put in practice the technical documentation use, the pieces standard exchange, tests and settings, control and repair.

At the end of your Professional A-Level, you will have various opportunities:

  • Work in an aircraft maintenance workshop
  • Continue your studies in Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention (B1.1 or B2), as apprentice only, with the aim to validate the Part 66 License after 3 years of experience.

The Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level lasts two years, alternating courses at the ESMA and training sessions in company.


The Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level in apprenticeship is funded by the Region.

Ab-initio training price: 5 000 € / year

Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention

In addition to the Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level, the ESMA also offers the Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention. This diploma delivers theoretical knowledge of the Part66 European Licence categories B1.1 and B2 ; options: turbomachine aircraft (B1.1), avionics (B2). This License is validated after 3 years minimum of experience.

This training is only offered in apprenticeship at the ESMA and lasts one year. It includes 24 weeks of theoretical courses and practical exercices at the school and 28 weeks working in the company.

Teached courses are the following:

  • Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  • Material technology
  • French
  • English
  • Electricity, electronical and digital technics bases
  • Systems technology
  • On-board instruments, Radio Navigation and Radio communication
  • Thermopropulsion
  • Propeller
  • Regulation and Human Factors
  • Practical exercices


The Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention is fully funded by the Region.

Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing

The ESMA offers Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing courses, approved by the French Civil Aviation (DGAC). It is a training required for the Aircraft Maintenance License delivery, validated after 2 years of experience. This license, recognized by all the European countries, leads to obtain the authorization to deliver an aircraft certificate of release to service.

The Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing at the ESMA lasts 20 months and is approved by the DGAC. Students attend theoretical courses and apply them in workshop and on aircrafts to simulate various tests and maintenance operations.

Training program:

  • 1200 hours of theory (modules)
  • 1200 hours of practical exercices: 780 hours in a 147 workshop and 420 hours in real working conditions in one of our partner workshop (SABENA Technics and LATECOERE).


The ESMA Aviation Academy offers two new training programs for the Part 66 Licence:

  • A1 part: The duration is about 4 months excluding vacations which is 800 hours including 280 hours of theory and 520 hours of practice (including 156 hours in a 145 workshop in real working conditions).
  • Modules only: The duration is about 10 months excluding vacations which is 1200 hours of theory including B1 and B2 modules.


Initial training price: 24 000 €

A1 training price: 6 600 €

Modules training prices: 9 300 €

Aircraft Maintenance HND : Aircraft Maintenance Senior Technician

The Aircraft Maintenance HND offered at the ESMA is a diploma recognized and delivered by the Ministry of National Education. During two years, you will be teached general courses, aeronautics applied courses and practical exercises sessions in our workshop. The Aircraft Maintenance HND involves all regulatory aspects linked to design / aircraft maintenance and brings students to develop technical engineering activities.

At the end of your HND, you will have various opportunities:

  • Access to Senior Technicians positions in companies working in aviation maintenance and construction (manufacturers, specialized workshops, aircraft maintenance workshops…)
  • Continue your studies in a Professional License in Aeronautics or an Engineering School

The HND training lasts 2 years, and includes internships periods (1 month at the end of 1st year and 1 month at mid-term of 2nd year). These experiences will be described in a final report included in the final HND exam grade.

The theoretical courses are the following:

  • Mathematics
  • Electronic et electrotechnic
  • Thermodynamism
  • Management
  • French
  • English
  • Industrial drawing
  • Mechanic and technology
  • Quality
  • Regulation and Human Factors
  • On-board instruments, Radio Navigation and Radio communication
  • Thermopropulsion
  • Aerodynamism
  • Flight and fluid mechanic
  • Systems technology
  • Turbomachines


Training price: 5 500 € / year

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