Aircraft Technician Job Description

An Aircraft Technician is responsible for the daily aircrafts maintenance. They verify the aircraft conformity and the state of its engine or cockpit pieces. They maintain the aircraft, repair the reported defects and ensure the plane service so it can leave in confidence.

Aircraft Technicians are qualified on very specific aircraft types indicated on their license. They have to strictly respect the current aviation regulation. They are responsible for the aircraft mechanic and avionic and thus for its security. Their responsibility goes to deliver the certificate of release to service respecting the European regulations regarding aircraft maintenance.

Training and Prerequisites

In the ESMA, Aircraft Maintenance Technician training programs begin with an Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level (6th and 7th year of High School) or after the High School Degree with an Aircraft Maintenance HND (2 years). These examinations deliver the qualification required to work as Aircraft Technician. To enter the training, the ESMA operates a selection made on file and/or on written test.

Job Competences

  • Rigor et reactivity
  • Stress management
  • English fluency
  • Team worker
  • Physical resistance
  • Deliver reporting

Aircraft Technician Missions

  • Use technical documentation
  • Configure the working environment to prepare for the operation
  • Installing and removing aircraft parts, integration, modification and repair, audit, diagnostic, test and evaluation
  • Tests and settings, control and quality
  • Deliver the Certificate of Release to Service (LMA)
  • Participate to all engineering stages (organization, conception, verification, etc.) (HND)
  • Independently ensure the technical support for customers (HND)

Aircraft Technician Salary

The Aircraft Technician salary is linked to the company and the level of studies. For the new graduates, the salary starts around 1 500€ (net). Furthermore, thanks to an Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention, they can increase their salary to receive approximately 2 000€ (net). Senior Aircraft Technicians assume more responsibility and so a higher salary reaching 2 000€ (net) at their early career.

Evolutions and Career Opportunities

The Aircraft Technicians start their career as Operator in maintenance workshop, Equipment Manufacturer or Manufacturer. Their objective? Ensure aircraft and passengers safety. They work on every aircraft types according to their license, as well as on light single-engined aircraft as on large multi-engine aircraft. They can progress professionnally with continuous training for other aircraft types or for acquiring responsibilities. They can reach Workshops Foreman and Aircraft Technicians Team Manager positions. Opportunities are wide and there is a high employability in France or abroad. However it is necessary to master written and oral English to operate this job.

Aircraft Technician Training

The Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level is approved by the Ministry of National Education. The Aircraft Maintenance HND is also a university-recognized diploma. The training program includes courses such as mathematics, physics but also English and French. The Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention teaches the Part-66 (Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing) modules which are not included in the Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level.

The Professional A-Level and the Complementary Mention can be done in apprenticeship program respectively during 2 years and 1 year. In this case, students have to find a company where they will work alternatively with courses at the ESMA. The HND is an initial training prepared over 2 years with a final national examination. Find more information about the Aircraft Technician profession on the dedicated page.

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