Cabin Crew Training

A Cabin Crew requires a vocational training provided by private bodies such as the ESMA and recognized by the civil aviation institutions.

The Cabin Crew training starts with the Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA) obtention. This diploma is required to become a Commercial Flight Crew within the European airlines. It is also an advantage in the international airlines’ selection process.

With the CCA, the future Cabin Crew will master security and first aid techniques to be able to apply for a job in airlines.

The ESMA also offers an additional training in AeroEnglish and TOEIC® preparation but also a commercial training course called Excellence in order to grasp at best the airlines recruitments.

Cabin Crew – The job

The Cabin Crew job description provides all information about this job. Flight Attendants begin their career as Cabin Crew and can evolve as on-board Manager.

Their missions are varied and complementary as Cabin Crew members are responsible for aircraft and passengers security but they also have to ensure the customers comfort and well-being on board by offering them an excellent service.

In order to be hired in a European airline it is necessary, among others, to get the CCA, to speak fluently English and to have a good presentation.

Postgraduate Education

Do you know which training is required to become a Flight Attendant ?

After High School A-level you can directly integrate the Cabin Crew Attestation training if you are at least 18 years-old beginning of the courses.

Every educational background is qualified to practice this job, however the academic streams of hotel and restaurant, tourism or foreign languages are appreciated by recruiters.

Most of airlines require a high English level.

Training Calendar

Find here all the sessions dates for CCA and additional training modules.

Dates may be changed according to the schedule and fill rate.