Cabin Crew Job Description

Cabin Crew are also called Flight Attendants. They are responsible for passengers reception and safety from boarding until plane arrival at the destination airport. Before every flight, all Cabin Crew verify on board safety equipments, products for sale stocks, catering and prepare the cabin to receive passengers in the best conditions..

During the flight, Flight Attendants perform the safety demonstrations, ensure the passengers well-being by proposing them various on board services (catering, duty free sales) and deliver first-aid interventions in case of medical incident. They are in permanent contact with the pilots.

Training and Prerequisites

The CCA training is open to every candidate directly after the High School A-Level if you are 18 years-old minimum. To be a Flight Attendant it is required to master a good level in English. Trainees can start the training without any previous experience in aviation.

The training registration is linked to the swimming certificate specifying the capacity to swim 50m within 2 minutes.

It is also strongly recommended to hold before the training a valid class 2 medical certificate delivered by a doctor approved by the DGAC, or a Medical Expertise Centres for Flight Crew. This medical examination will be compulsory to work as cabin crew.

Job Competences

  • Rigor and method
  • Availability
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Stress resistance
  • English fluency
  • Team worker
  • Good health conditions

Cabin Crew Missions

  • Verify on board equipements
  • Perform security demonstrations
  • Prepare on board sale products stocks
  • Ensure passengers first aid and safety
  • Manage passengers requests and ensure their comfort
  • Offer restauration and/or beverage service
  • Operate passengers reception and disembarking

Cabin Crew Salary

The flight attendant salary rate starts at 1 500€ and can reach 5500€ at the end of the career as Main Cabin Manager. Due to their staggered working hours (night flights) and an irregular schedule, the flight attendants receive bonuses when they have a flight and allowances for stopover meals and transportation. The salaries mainly vary according to the age and the airlines.

Evolutions and Career Opportunities

Flight Attendants start their career as Cabin Crew. They can integrate any local arlines as well as international ones without any previous experience.

Flight Attendants positions are opened in France and Europe but also in various international airlines, mainly in Gulf States, in Asia and in Africa. Business Airlines, concerning professionals or VIP passengers transportation, are also recruiting in a lot of countries.

A career development is possible by endorsing abin management responsibility or Senior Cabin Manager position (in large aircrafts for long-haul flights), being in charge of a Cabin Crew team. They also can evolve by making a vocational retraining within another service such as instruction-training or in the management team.

Cabin Crew Training

The Cabin Crew training includes preparations for the CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation) theoretical examination and for the CCA practical examination.

The theoretical training lasts 4 weeks and after the successful theoretical examination, trainees come back to school for 8 days to realize the practical part and take the final exam. This diploma trains the future Flight Crew on security and first aid techniques. Thus, they will be ready for European airlines employment requiring the CCA but also for all other international airlines for which the diploma is an asset.

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