Cabin Crew Training

The Cabin Crew job is reachable in France and Europe only with the Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA). This diploma delivered by the French Civil Aviation (DGAC) brings to candidates, qualifications mainly regarding security and first aid. The ESMA also offers additional training modules on commercial and passengers service with the Excellence module and on English aeronautics with the AeroEnglish module.

The Cabin Crew Attestation

The ESMA training leads you to obtain the CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation). This training recognized in all Europe is subject to a theoretical test (multiple choice test) and to a practical test (necessarily in one of the three French examination centers approved by the French Civil Aviation).

The ESMA is one of the 3 French practical examination centers approved by the DGAC  and the only out of Paris region. Thus the ESMA trainees take their practical CCA exam directly in the ESMA premises.


  • Be at least 18 years-old
  • Hold at least a A-level
  • Hold a swiming certificate indicating the capacity to swim 50m within 2 minutes.

It is also strongly recommended to have before the training a valid class 2 medical certificate delivered by a doctor approved by the DGAC, or a Medical Expertise Centres for Flight Crew. This medical examination will be compulsory to work as cabin crew.


CCA training organization



The theoretical training is built around 5 modules with a continuous assessment based on multiple choice questions:

  • Medical aspects and first aid
  • Security
  • Human Factors
  • Safety
  • Dangerous goods

Duration : 3 weeks for a total of 105 h in class

*An unlimited access to the E-Learning platform from your registration until the exam with questions training.


3 days of questions tests in class with instructor correction


Exam with multiple choice questions in one of the DGAC exam centers including the 5 modules studied in class: 70 questions in 1h45 (minimum 75% of good answers)



Put in practice the theoretical knowledge and evaluate your abilities for the exam with our instructors.

The practical training program is based on the following modules:

  • Medical aspects and First Aid
  • Security
  • Preparation for the swimming test (life jacket wearing, 25 m tow the victim and lifeboat boarding)
  • Real fire-extinguishing exercise with breath protection

Duration: 6 days for a total of 42 h in class


2 days of exams including practical test realized in the ESMA premises by the DGAC examiners.

The ESMA is one of the 3 CCA exam centers in France.

CCA training price (theoretical and practical): from 1 690 € (including 190€ for exam fee)

CCA practical training price : 850 € (including exam fee)

AeroEnglish and TOEIC® module

The Cabin Crew profession requires the CCA, however this diploma prepares only for security and first aid aspects. The ESMA Aviation Academy offers  a module of English in aeronautics to help our Flight Attendant trainees to realize their job integration in the best conditions.

The AeroEnglish training offers at the ESMA is an intensive course supervised by bilingual instructors, all flight crew working for prestigious US or UK airlines such as United Airlines or British Airways.

Thanks to the AeroEnglish you will acquire a good level of interactive English and master a professional and technical language in the aviation environment. This training is also inescapable to pass the TOEIC® test, international test of English (and also prerequisite for most of the worldwide airlines).

The AeroEnglish training is essential to prepare at best the selections organized by airlines. The future Cabin Crew will grasp better their professional environment.


  • Be at least 18 years-old
  • Have a good English level to start the training.


Phase 1 – UPGRADE                          Duration: 5 days

  • Grammar
  • Everyday vocabulary
  • Listening – Writing and Speaking
  • Movies and news analyzing
  • Professional English
  • Practical exercises (conversation, Resumes, debates, real-life situations, etc.)

Phase 2 – ADAPTED ENGLISH                      Duration: 5 days

  • Flight Attendant job presentation
  • Communicate with the relatives (cabin crew, passengers etc.)
  • On-board announcements
  • Regulation, security rescue
  • Medical statement (with the victom and by radio with medical services)
  • Technical vocabulary and phrasing (reception, on-board service, passengers service)
  • Role games and real-life situations in a plane (Boeing 747-200 scale model)

Phase 3 – TOEIC®                                 Duration: 4 days

  • TOEIC® « listening and reading» exam preparation
  • The TOEIC® certificate is an international reference to evaluate and compare people English language skills for those it is not the mother tongue.


Aeroenglish & TOEIC® module price: 1 290 €

The Excellence module

The Excellence training will be your first expericence as flight attendant in the aviation world… 

The ESMA Aviation Academy offers for trainees an improvement module for the Cabin Crew job. Thanks to the Excellence module the future cabin crew will master the on-board sales functions bases with the aim of offering to passengers a high quality service.

Trainees will learn how to receive and take care of passengers comfort, master techniques of service, have a perfect physical presentation, acquire a tableware and oenology culture as well as the aviation environment. This first experience will better grasp their future professional environment to value their application for airlines recruitments.

Supervised by a team of aviation and esthetics professionals, the Excellence courses provide a rigorous training in class followed by application flights as complementary staff within our partner airline.




The theoretical training is divided into 10 modules including a practical part realised in our Boeing 747 scale model.

  • Aviation culture
  • Cabin Crew job
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Tableware
  • Oenology
  • On-board services
  • Conflicts management
  • Customer relations and loyalty
  • Annoucements and security demonstrations
  • First Class and Business Class

Duration: 5 days



The ESMA offers an internship in airline to embody your training. Our airline partner TwinJet shares its reputation and its experience for varied customers including businessmen and tourists but also sports teams, political men and other personalities.

Duration: 12 flights minimum as Complementary Flight Attendant.

These flights will be based in: (select your choice)

  • Bergerac
  • Marseille
  • Toulouse
  • Metz

EXCELLENCE module price: 490 €

The ESMA has a special price for trainees registered in both modules Aeroenglish & TOEIC® and Excellence : 1 690 €

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