Turnaround Coordinator Training

A Turnaround Coordinator requires a vocational training provided by private bodies such as the ESMA and recognized by aviation sector companies.

The training includes a short theoretical session during which school instructors train the future agents on air loading procedures and regulations, aircraft data, security rules, meteorology, computer system, etc. This training is not a competitive examination but a continuous assessment validated by an internship. This experience can regularly result in a job offer.

The Turnaround Coordinator Training requires a fluent english speaking and good health conditions.

Turnaround Coordinator – The job

The Turnaround Coordinator works within an airport. They are in charge of supervising the various platform staff before take-off and after landing. They work according to flight hours and so in staggered and variable hours including week-ends and public holiday. Thanks to this organization they receive bonuses and allowances which allow them to value their basic salary.

Flight Dispatchers can progress professionnally as Supervisor and finally Station Manager. Furthermore, they can follow other job orientations.

It is necessary to master English as they are in contact with other airport staff.

Consult the Turnaround Coordinator Job Description if you want to read all about this interesting job.

Postgraduate Education

The Turnaround Coordinator training requires a A-Level to submit an application. We can receive applications without the minimum level of studies if the candidate has an experience in the aviation environment. Training sessions after the High School are offered all year round in aviation schools such as the ESMA. Trainees will have to be 18 years-old minimum and provide a clean police record to take up a position as intern in an airline and then to work right after the training. It is also essential to master the English language to be a Turnaround Coordinator.

Following the theoretical training and the internship, trainees will receive the Turnaround Coordinator diploma, which allow them applying immediately in airline or ground-handling company.

Training Calendar

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Dates may be changed according to the schedule and fill rate.