Started in march 2016 with the chinese school CAFUC (Civil Aviation Flight University of China), the ESMA Aviation Academy was there to train a class of future airline pilots.

The 6th CAFUC class (24 trainees) welcomed three ESMA instructors, within the school in Guanghan, Sichuan Region.

Patrick Chabanis, CTKI (Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor) started the theoretical courses with the following modules : Human Factors, Mass and Balance and then Performance.

Succeeded one month later by Martial SORIA, TKI (Theoretical Knowledge Instructor) and followed by Romain RUPPLI, they have together, teached the 14 Theoretical ATPL modules.

The training ended by the CTKI, Patrick Chabanis back in china for more than 2 months for the Flight mechanic module.

The CAFUC 6 trainees has arrived in France two weeks after the end of the theoretical training, and will take their exams at the DGAC in Toulouse in early November once again surrounded by the CTKI.

The practical part will start from mid-October.