Attending "Live One Day As A Pilot" on the 14th of December was a wonderful experience in all aspects! I had the opportunity to discover and learn a lot about how the school works. From the theoretical courses, simulator session, to the visit of the maintenance area and aircrafts, this day confirmed my intentions to join Airways Aviation –ESMA.

I also would like to thank the team who welcomed us, Virginie, Naël, Etienne, Victor, Tom, the instructors and other students, and of course, Mr Gongora. They were very helpful and welcoming.

Finally, Mrs. Pierre has sent me the links for the entrance tests. This is the next step I will take and I am sure to pass the exams and start my future as an aviator.

I can’t wait to become part of this school!

See you very soon!

Enzo Maillet

Enzo Maillet