Partners and Associates

ESMA comprises a global group of academies that has in excess of 30 years education & training experience along with a history of renowned industry partnerships & associations.

Each relationship plays an important and sometimes unique role in the development of our education & training programs. ESMA remain committed to applying only industry best practices whilst it also assists others to raise their quality and deliverables to our benchmark EASA, UK CAA and CASA standards.

Certifications & Approvals

ESMA works together with competent authorities, for the effective functioning of the school respecting their regulations, and applying their recommendations.

Airline & Industry Partners

As member of the HNA Group, the ESMA Aviation Academy is currently in contact to work in the near future with the 17 airlines of the group. Other airlines also trust the ESMA for maintaining their teams’ skills or for strategic consulting.

Our University Partners

Our Aircraft Manufacturers, MRO & Services Providers

ESMA has a close relationship with many French and international aircraft manufacturers. Our instructors provide them refresher trainings, and some of our students get an internship in their MRO.

Our Finance Partners

Airport Partners

Our Other Partners

ESMA works with official partners, for training manuals, uniforms or infrastructure facility equipment.