Become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

An Aeronautical Maintenance Technician is an Aircraft Mechanic. This is the general name for all civil aviation personnel responsible for the daily mechanics of aircraft, before and after the flight.

Before and after the flight, you will check the conformity and the condition of the parts of the aircraft on the engine or in the cockpit. You must maintain them, repair the anomalies noted and revise the aircraft so that it can depart safely.

Perform aircraft maintenance and keep millions of people safe.

The type of aircraft you are qualified to work on will be noted on your license and you must respect the legislation in force in the aeronautical sector.
You are responsible for the aircraft mechanically and therefore for the safety of passengers and crew. Your responsibility goes until the issuance of the approval for return to service (APRS) complying with European regulations on aircraft maintenance. 

This job requires absolute rigor and an ability to work in a team. You must have the physical resistance to not only perform tasks of manual labour, but occasionally work outside the hanger in extreme climatic conditions. In this role your hours may be varied as you work around aircraft departure times. Despite this, if you are hard-working and love avionics you will thrive in a career as an Aeronautical Maintenance Technician.

The Esma Aviation Academy offers this training in its school .

Aviation maintenance training

Aeronautical technicians are trained at ESMA, a school approved by civil aviation authorities.

In France, training in the profession of Aeronautical Maintenance Technician begins with a CAP in aeronautical maintenance or a Professional Aeronautical Bac option. These exams allow you to train towards the profession of an Aircraft Technician and can be joined with an Additional Mention and a Part66 license.

Aeronautical BTS training allows you to acquire the skills of a senior aeronautical maintenance technician. The latter will work on team management, manufacturer / customer relations, the application of flight safety and the preparation of operator activities on aircraft maintenance.

The job of aeronautical maintenance technician

An Aeronautical Technician is responsible for the daily maintenance of the aircraft. In this role, you will check the conformity and the state of the parts in the aircraft. This includes parts in the engine or the cockpit. You will have to maintain them, repair any anomalies noted and revise the plane to ensure safety in departure.

Aircraft Technicians are qualified on very specific aircraft types indicated on their license. You must also respect all legislation in force within the aeronautical sector. You will be responsible for the mechanics and avionics on the aircraft, therefore ensuring the aircraft safety. You are responsible for an aircraft until the issuance of an Approval for Return to Service (APRS), complying with European regulations on aircraft maintenance. This is a very serious role that carries with it a lot of responsibility. However, if you love aviation and enjoy a challenge, you will find this role extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

For more information on this job, find the complete job sheet of the aeronautical maintenance technician.

Post Bac Curriculum

It is possible to study aeronautical technician training at ESMA without any aviation experience.

Want to know the requirements for becoming an Aeronautical technician? A good academic record, a strong motivation for aeronautics and a sufficient level of English to interact with professionals are necessary to integrate a Bac Aéronautique training. For the BTS, the BAC diploma is essential.

The studies of Professional Bac Aeronautics and Complementary Mention are offered alternately over 2 years and 1 year respectively, students must therefore find a company that will train them in parallel with the courses provided by us. The BTS is studied over 2 years in initial training and the final exam is national. Find more information on the aeronautical technician’s profession on the dedicated page.