Aircraft Technician Job Description

An Aircraft Technician is responsible for the daily maintenance of the aircraft. In this role, you will check the conformity and the state of the parts in the aircraft. This includes parts in the engine or the cockpit. You will have to maintain them, repair any anomalies noted and revise the plane to ensure safety in departure.

Aircraft Technicians are qualified on very specific aircraft types indicated on their license. You must also respect all legislation in force within the aeronautical sector. You will be responsible for the mechanics and avionics on the aircraft, therefore ensuring the aircraft safety. You are responsible for an aircraft until the issuance of an Approval for Return to Service (APRS), complying with European regulations on aircraft maintenance. This is a very serious role that carries with it a lot of responsibility. However, if you love aviation and enjoy a challenge, you will find this role extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Curriculum and Access to Training

At ESMA, training in the aircraft technician profession begins with a BAC Pro in aircraft maintenance (1st and Terminal) or after the BAC with an aircraft BTS. The completion of these courses allows you to enter work as an Aircraft Technician. To train with ESMA, selection is made on-file or through a written test.

Skills of the Trade

  • Rigor and responsiveness
  • Stress resistance
  • English proficiency
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Physical resistance
  • Issue reports

The Missions of the Aircraft Technician

  • Use the technical documentation
  • Configure the work environment for intervention
  • Install and remove aircraft parts, Integration, modification and repair, inspection, diagnosis, test and evaluation
  • Tests and adjustments, control and quality
  • Attach Approvals for Refurbishment (LMA)
  • Participate in all stages of engineering (organization, design, verification, etc.) (BTS)
  • Autonomously provide technical support to customers (BTS)

Aircraft Technician Salary

The salaries of Maintenance Technicians depend on the company you work for and your level of qualification. Salaries start around 1,500 € gross monthly. By completing training with additional qualifications, you may negotiate a salary of roughly € 2,000 gross monthly. Senior Maintenance Technicians have more responsibility and therefore in this role you will earn a higher salary of up to € 2,000 at the start of your career.

Career development and opportunities

As an Aircraft Technician, you will begin your career as a Maintenance Workshop Operator, Equipment Manufacturer or Manufacturer. The overall objective of all these positions is to ensure passenger safety. You will work on many different types of aircraft, from light single engine to large multi-engine aircraft. You can continuously develop your career by training in other categories of aircraft or by upskilling through education. Promotions include Workshop Manager and Team Manager of Maintenance Technicians. The opportunities in this sector are varied and employability is high in both France and abroad. However, to succeed in this career choice you must have excellent English proficiency.

Aviation Mechanic Training

The Aircraft Professional Bac training is approved by the Ministry of National Education. The BTS Aeronautics is also a diploma recognized by the State. Subjects such as mathematics, physics are taught, as are linguistic and editorial subjects such as French or English. The Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention teaches the Part-66 (Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing) modules which are not included in the Professional Bac training.
The studies of Professional Bac Aeronautics and Complementary Mention are offered alternately over 2 years and 1 year respectively, creating a mix of theory and practical leaning. Therefore, you must find a company that offers a practical internship in parallel with the courses we provide. The BTS is studied over 2 years in initial training with a national final exam. Find more information on the aircraft technician’s profession on the dedicated page.
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