Cabin Crew Job Description

 Flight Attendants and Stewards are also known as cabin crew. In this role, you are responsible for the comfort and security of passengers in-flight. Before take-off, you will check the safety equipment on board, perform stock checks and prepare the cabin into the best condition for welcoming passengers.
During the flight, you will carry out safety demonstrations, ensure the comfort of passengers, perform customer-service duties and deliver first aid in the event of a medical incident. You will love the role of cabin crew if you enjoy travelling, are customer-service focused and can effectively work in a fast-paced environment.
Curriculum and access to training

Curriculum and access to training

The Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA) preparation training is available directly after the BAC if you are at least 18 years old. You must also have a satisfactory level of English as this is necessary in the profession of Cabin Crew. You do not need prior aviation experience for this training.

« Registration remains, however, subject to obtaining a swimming certificate. This certificate will detail the ability to easily perform several pre-defined exercises in the aquatic environment. A medical certificate attesting the ability of practice swimming will also be required upon registration.  »

Before you start your training, it is strongly recommended that you hold your Class 2 Medical given by a doctor approved by the DGAC, or a Medical Expertise Center for Seagoing Personnel. It is compulsory to hold this qualification to work as cabin crew on board an aircraft.

Skills of the trade

  • Rigor and responsiveness
  • Availability to travel and work an ever-changing roster
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Stress resistance
  • English proficiency
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Excellent Health

The stewardess & steward’s missions

  • Check the safety equipment on board
  • Perform safety demonstrations
  • Prepare stock of products for sale on board
  • Provide first aid and passenger safety
  • Manage passenger requests and ensure their comfort
  • Offer a quality meal and / or drink service
  • Welcome and disembark passengers

Air hostess & steward salary

The flight attendant or steward salaries start on average at € 1,500 gross monthly and can go up to € 5,500 gross monthly if promoted to Chief Cabin Manager (CCP). Due to the shift work (night flights) and irregular schedule, you will receive in-flight bonuses such as meal allowances for stopover or transport. The amounts vary according to seniority and the individual company.

Air hostess & steward salary

Flight attendants begin their careers as cabin crew. You will have employment opportunities at both domestic and international companies.

Cabin crew positions are available in France and Europe but also in many international airlines, mainly in the Gulf countries, Asia and Africa. Business aviation, which involves the transport of professional or VIP passengers, is an air transport sector which is also recruiting in many countries.

Career development is available through promotion to Cabin Chief or Chief Cabin Chief (for long-haul large aircraft). In this role, you will be responsible for a team of several cabin-crew and any internal retraining or coaching.

Flight attendant & flight attendant training

The Flight Attendant and Steward Training consist of preparation for the theoretical examination and practical elements of the Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA) exam.
The theoretical training takes place over 4 weeks and is followed by the theoretical exam. Once passed, you will return to school for 8 days to complete the practical element.
The diploma allows you to master the safety and first aid techniques necessary to gain employment as Cabin Crew in European companies that require the CCA.  For international companies, the diploma is an asset which will still greatly assist you in the application phase.
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