Cabin Crew Training

In France/Europe, in order to become a Flight Attendant or Steward you must obtain a Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA). This diploma issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) mainly provides candidates with qualifications in safety and first aid. ESMA also offers additional training in the areas of:

PNC Recruitment Coaching.
English training: TOEIC® preparation

The Cabin Crew Attestation

The Stewardess – Steward training at ESMA allows you to obtain the CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation). This training is recognized at a European level and subject to the passing of multiple tests. This includes a theoretical multiple choice test and a practical test which must be taken in one of the three French examination centers approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) .

ESMA is one of the 3 practical examination centers approved by the DGAC in France and the only one outside of the Paris region. Therefore, as a trainee at ESMA you will sit your practical CCA exam directly on site.


You must be at least 18 years old and have a BAC level.

« Registration remains, however, subject to obtaining a swimming certificate. This certificate will detail the ability to easily perform several pre-defined exercises in the aquatic environment. A medical certificate attesting the ability of practice swimming will also be required upon registration. « 

Before you start your training, it is strongly recommended that you hold your Class 2 Medical given by a doctor approved by the DGAC, or a Medical Expertise Center for Seagoing Personnel. It is compulsory to hold this qualification to work as cabin crew on board an aircraft.


The theoretical training is built around 5 modules with a continuous assessment based on multiple choice questions:

  • Medical aspects and first aid
  • Security
  • Human factors
  • Safety
  • Dangerous Goods

Duration: 3 weeks, 105 hours of lessons
* Your will have unlimited access to our E-Learning platform from registration to the passing of your exam, with multiple choice practice training available.


3 days of multiple choice MCQ tests, marked by an instructor.


Exam in the form of a multiple-choice test in a DGAC center comprising of the 5 different subjects studied in class. 70 questions in 1h45 (minimum 75% of correct answers must be obtained)


Put into practice the knowledge acquired during the theoretical training before the exam, led by our instructors.
The practical internship program is based on the following modules:

  • Medical aspects and first aid
  • Security
  • Preparation for the pool test (wearing a life jacket, towing a passenger over 25m and boarding a lifeboat)
  • Extinguishing real fires, equipped with respiratory protection

Duration: 6 days or 42 hours of lessons


2 days of examination in the form of practical tests carried out on ESMA premises by the DGAC examiners.

ESMA is one of three CCA practical examination centers in France.

CCA training price (theoretical and practical): from 1 690 € (including 190€ for exam fee)

CCA practical training price : 850 € (including exam fee)

TOEIC® + TEST Module


Fluency in the English language is essential for both the academic and professional environments.

The TOEIC® (Test of English for International Communication) is a standardized certificate in the form of multiple-choice tests which assess the level of English of candidates in an international professional context. This test measures skills in written and oral comprehension, grammar and spelling. It is required by most airlines, but also by many companies around the world. It is also used by universities and grandes écoles to determine English proficiency levels of students.

ESMA has set up an intensive TOEIC® test preparation course to help you develop your English skills and knowledge.


The intensive preparation course for the TOEIC®  « Listening and Reading » test offered by ESMA is supervised by experienced bilingual instructors who are all accredited TOEIC® supervisors (TCA) by ETS-Global. Lasting 2 weeks, this course prepares you for the TOEIC®, giving you the tools to succeed in each section of the test. This structured and in-depth course will allow you to master all the concepts, methodology and provide tips for the exam.

The ESMA training center is approved as an examination center by ETS-Global, which allows trainees to take the TOEIC® « Listening and Reading » test (institutional program) within ESMA, directly at the end two weeks of preparation.

Pre requisite

You must be at least 18 years old, have a minimum level of B1 – CECRL reference scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The Excellence module

The Excellence training will be your first expericence as flight attendant in the aviation world… 

The ESMA Aviation Academy offers for trainees an improvement module for the Cabin Crew job. Thanks to the Excellence module the future cabin crew will master the on-board sales functions bases with the aim of offering to passengers a high quality service.

Trainees will learn how to receive and take care of passengers comfort, master techniques of service, have a perfect physical presentation, acquire a tableware and oenology culture as well as the aviation environment. This first experience will better grasp their future professional environment to value their application for airlines recruitments.

Supervised by a team of aviation and esthetics professionals, the Excellence courses provide a rigorous training in class followed by application flights as complementary staff within our partner airline.




The theoretical training is divided into 10 modules including a practical part realised in our Boeing 747 scale model.

  • Aviation culture
  • Cabin Crew job
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Tableware
  • Oenology
  • On-board services
  • Conflicts management
  • Customer relations and loyalty
  • Annoucements and security demonstrations
  • First Class and Business Class

Duration: 5 days



The ESMA offers an internship in airline to embody your training. Our airline partner TwinJet shares its reputation and its experience for varied customers including businessmen and tourists but also sports teams, political men and other personalities.

Duration: 12 flights minimum as Complementary Flight Attendant.

These flights will be based in: (select your choice)

  • Bergerac
  • Marseille
  • Toulouse
  • Metz

EXCELLENCE module price: 490 €

The ESMA has a special price for trainees registered in both modules Aeroenglish & TOEIC® and Excellence : 1 690 €

Coaching Module – PNC Recruitment


The PNC recruitment COACHING module is your first immersion as Cabin Crew in the airline industry.

At ESMA, we offer a development module that will better prepare you for professional employment within the aviation industry. The Coaching in Recruitment training is intended for candidates wishing to prepare for the position of Cabin Crew within airlines through helping you master the recruitment process. This training is also beneficial if you wish to sharpen your customer-relationship management skills.

Master technical selection tools in the application process, perfect your presentation, know how to highlight your acquired skills and better understand the role of Cabin Crew. Supervised by a team of aviation professionals, the Coaching course offers solid complementary training to your CCA and your TOEIC®.


The objective of this course is to provide you with the tools necessary to succeed within a professional environment, starting with the recruitment process.
We will help you optimise application materials (CV, cover letter in French and English etc.), teaching you how to highlight the required skills throughout these documents. Importantly, this course will also prepare you in knowing the expectations of recruiters and how to not only meet but exceed those expectations.
The aim will also be to develop a « win / win » discourse between the candidate and the company (concepts B. Bertheuil Consulting):

  • I get to know myself.
  • What am I looking for within the company?
  • What will I bring in return?
  • What is my added value compared to another candidate?
  • Etc …


  • Be motivated,
  • Openness to work on your image and your speech,
  • Have a current CV with photo which will be used in class as part of youe professional project strategy.
  • Adopt a presentation throughout the internship:
    • For women: neat hairstyle and make-up, skirt or pantsuit,
    • For men: hairstyle and clean shaven, suit, tie.

4 days i.e. 28h


Day 1 :

  • Presentation of the recruiters’ philosophy, the job description and the qualities required to exercise this profession
  • Conduct the recruitment process within French companies
  • Recruitment interview training in French – role playing
    • Group Interview
    • Individual interview
    • Debriefing

Day 2:

  • Presentation and development of concepts P. Bertheuil Consulting
  • What tools will you be offered?
  • Characterology test: Getting to know yourself
  • Reflection – How will you be able to use these tools to optimize the customer relationship and the exchanges between colleagues and hierarchy within the company?

Day 3:

  • Conversational English: acquisition of technical vocabulary specific to the flight attendant profession.
  • Professional interview training in English – role playing
  • Debriefing

Day 4:

  • MPO (Organizational Performance Management)
  • Individual debriefing
  • Perfect your cover letter and CV in French and English
  • Fencing

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