Ground Staff

International airport environment

With international exchanges increase and travels democratization, the air traffic constantly grow. To follow this trend airports are developing with the aim to turn into main activity centers. Thus, very different jobs offer various aeronautical ground careers opportunities for all educational levels.

This increasing need for workforce in airports is understandable first of all with the air traffic expansion. Indeed, there is a constant need for passengers and freight tansportation. To this, is added new issues emergence for instance in safety or logistics. Finally, these job opportunities are also a consequence of coming retirements of numerous recruitments at the early days or during the main airports expansion.

What should be the profile to work in an airport?

Like the airports atmosphere and be interested in the aeronautical environment (even without being flight crew).

Have a good level in English and depending of each position some other languages may be appreciated.

Accept aeronautic environment jobs constraints: staggered working hours in the daytime and at night, including on Sundays and holidays, have a clean police record and absolutely have your own transport (being able to go at the airport generally situated in suburbs and during hours not very good connected by public transportation) …

Three main sectors at the ESMA

An airport generates various jobs

In an airport, shops and restaurants proposed various jobs, however three sectors gather number of these « groundhandling jobs », to whom correspond these profiles: sales careers, ramp and turnaround jobs, flight dispatcher careers.

All these professions are interconnected, they work jointly for flights good functionning. It is so possible to change your profession within an airport after a continuous training course for instance. However hiring opportunities vary from one year to the next according to the economic, geopolitical and regulatotory environment and so have an impact on airport jobs. It is necessary to notice that the traffic in this sector can be seasonal as a consequence of peak periods during holidays and thus many more opportunities have merged since the 2000s.

Sales Ground Careers

The Passengers Service Agents and Travel Agents represent the airline or the airport linked with passengers. They may have a trading culture and relation skills in order to offer the best services during the passengers flights and connections.


Runway and Turnaround Careers

The Ramp Agents, Turnaround Coordinators et Flight Dispatchers work together for the good flights functionning. They are technicians directly operating on planes. Ramp Agents are in charge of loading and unloading baggages when at the same time Turnaround coordinators are responsible for pre flight operations such as technical flights preparation, balance and loading control. Flight Dispatchers work on planes roads directly. According to the security, they intervene depending on the job on baggages, flight technical files verification or air routes schedule.

Passenger Service Agent

Turnaround Coordinator

Flight Dispatcher

Ticket Desk Agent

Ramp Agent