Traffic Officer Training

In order to become a Traffic Officer, you will need to undertake professional training which we offer at ESMA.

This theoretical course runs for several weeks, during which you will be trained on procedures and rules of aerial loading, aircraft data, safety rules, weather, computer system, etc. This training is carried out by professionals and the theoretical component ends with an exam. After this, you will undertake a practical internship at an organisation, allowing you to put the theory you’ve learnt into practice.

In order to undertake this training, you must have a good level of English and a clean criminal record.

The Traffic Officer Diploma

« Airport Trades » training at ESMA has existed since 1990 and is aimed at individuals wishing to learn an accessible trade within a short period of time who posses a BAC level.

At ESMA, we offer a variety of training courses which allow you to gain a Traffic Officer Certificate. Once you have completed the certificate, you will be qualified to obtain a position with an airport, private company or an assistance company.

TFC theoretical training

During this period, you will be training at ESMA. You will complete modules in traffic, airport infrastructure, flight feasibility, aircraft loading and general security. You will also be trained in flight recording software at our on-campus computer rooms.

The instructors for this course are skilled professionals that can share their industry knowledge and provide insight into the role of Traffic Officer.

Practical internship training

In order to complete this course at ESMA, you must undertake an internship at a professional company. This experience allows you to put into practice the knowledge learnt during your courses and will be subject to an internship report. This document describes the activities and tasks you performed during the internship and your manager’s assessment of your work.

You are responsible for sourcing your own internship; However, our instructors are available to provide guidance and assistance during the application process. The company can be in France or abroad and can either be a professional company or a travel agency.

If you excel during your internship, this can often lead to employment. Therefore, it is necessary you treat your internship like a job trial and ensure you are an active and important member of the team through applying your knowledge learnt in the classroom.

Training prerequisites

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • BAC or BAC level or significant professional experience
  • Conversational English
  • Clean police record
  • Good presentation
  • Ability to travel for work

Versatile training

You can choose to study our Traffic Agent Diploma with other courses.
Therefore, we have setup the following training courses:

Flight Preparation Technician (TPV) gathering

Traffic Officer and Operations Agent
Duration: 12 weeks of lessons / 4 weeks of internship
Price for POS training: € 4,490

Versatile Airport Technician (TAP) grouping

Station Agent, Travel Agent and Traffic Agent
Duration: 13 weeks of lessons / 4 weeks of internship
TAP training rate: € 4,590

Specialized Technician of Airport Trades (TSMA) grouping

Traffic Agent and Port Agent
Duration: 9 weeks of lessons / 4 weeks of internship
TSMA training price: € 3,390

Training Calendar

Multipurpose training is based on the abinitio training calendar. Find the training dates on this page.

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