Cabin Crew Training


Full Time

3 weeks theoretical training/6 days practical training


Flight Attendant training at Airways Aviation – Esma provides the CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation). This training recognized at European level is composed by a theoretical test (in the form of a MCQ) and a practical test to be taken at one of the three French examination centers approved by the Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile (DGAC). Airways Aviation – Esma is one of the 3 DGAC approved practical examination centers in France and the only one outside the Paris region. As a result, Airways Aviation trainees take their practical CCA exam directly on site at Airways Aviation – Esma.


Duration of theoretical CCA training: 3 weeks including 105 hours of courses + 3 days of theoretical course revisions (21 hours)

Duration of practical CCA training : 6 days including 42 hours of courses

Total duration of CCA training : 168 hours


  • - Must be at least 18 years old, have a BAC or BAC level (level IV)

       - Flight Crew Class 2     Medical Examination (recommended)

  • - Have a laptop or tablet

However, registration remains conditional on obtaining a swimming certificate. This attestation will detail the ability to perform several pre-defined aquatic exercises with ease.

A medical certificate attesting the ability of the use of the pool will also be required upon registration.


It is also strongly recommended to have a Class 2 Flight Crew Medical Examination with a DGAC approved doctor, or at a Centre of Medical Expertise for Flight Crew (CEMPN) before starting training. Thereafter, this medical examination will be mandatory in order to be able to perform the function of cabin crew on board aircraft. This medical examination is valid for 2 years.


The theoretical program is structured around 5 modules with continuous monitoring based on MCQ (Multiple Choice Questionnaires) :

• Medical aspects and first aid

• Security

• Human Factors

• Security

• Dangerous Goods

Duration : 3 weeks including 105 hours of classes

*Unlimited access to our E-Learning platform from your registration to the MCQ exam.


3 days with many MCQ tests in class corrected by an instructor.


Examen sous forme d’un QCM dans un centre de la DGAC comprenant les 5 différentes matières étudiées en stage : 70 questions en 1h45 (minimum75% de bonnes réponses). Examination in the form of a MCQ in a DGAC centre including the 5 different subjects studied during the training : 70 questions in 1h45 (minimum 75% correct answers).


Application of the knowledge acquired during the theoretical training and evaluations before the exam by our instructors.

The practical training program is based on the following modules:

• Medical aspects and first aid

• Security

• Preparing for the pool exercise (wearing a lifejacket, towing a 25m passenger and embarking in a canoe)

• Live fire suppression with respiratory protection

Duration : 6 days including 42 hours of classes



2 days of practical tests at Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA by DGAC examiners.

Airways Aviation Academy – ESMA is one of three practical CCA examination centers in France.


Price of the full CCA training : €2,200(including access to the practical examination center)

• Registration fee for the DGAC theoretical exam : 70 €

• Registration fee for the DGAC practical exam : 280 €

• Cost of the practical CCA training alone: €850 (including examination center fees)

• Registration fee : 60 €

• DGAC examiner fee : 150 €

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Career Opportunities

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