Intensive Training Course and TOEIC® Test

Montpellier, France

Full Time

2 weeks of intensive training + TOEIC® test

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  • 19 June => 30 June + test 3 July
  • 11 September => 22 September + test 22 September
  • 19 October => 1 November + test 2 November
  • 4 December => 15 December + test 18 December

Intensive training course + TOEIC®  test

Training and TOEIC®  test

TOEIC®  test « Listening and reading »

Fluency in English is essential in both academic and business. The TOEIC®  test (Test of English for International Communication) is a standardized in the form of multiple-choice questions which evaluate the English level of the candidates in an international professional context. This test measures reading and listening skills, in grammar and spelling. It is mandatory in most of the airlines' companies, but also for many international business companies. It is also used by universities and highly-reputated schools to validate the student’s English level, or professional inspiring to an internal promotion. Airways Aviation –ESMA has set up intensive TOEIC®  test preparation training to help candidates develop their English skills and knowledge in preparation for the test.


The intensive TOEIC®  test preparation course offered by Airways Aviation - ESMA is supervised by bilingual and experienced instructors, all accredited TOEIC®  (TCA) by ETC-Global. Lasting 2 weeks, it leads to master all the concepts, methodologies and tips of the test. The Airways Aviation – ESMA training center is an approved examination center, which allows trainees to take the test TOEIC® « Listening and Reading » (institutional program) within Airways Aviation - ESMA, directly at the end of the two weeks of preparation.


WEEK 1 "Reading Preparation": Duration 5 Days (35h)

Day1 : Photos / Audios

Day2 : Questions-answers

Day3 : Conversations

Day4 : Listening

Day5 : Revisions / Practice test – corrections

WEEK 2 "Listening Preparation" + TOEIC® Test:

Day1 : written comprehension / Part 5

Day2 : written comprehension / Part 5 and 6

Day3 : written comprehension / Part 6

Day4 : written comprehension / Part 7

Day5 : Revisions – Practice test – corrections


+ Official TOEIC®  test « Listening and Reading »

Duration2 hours

Price of the TOEIC®  training : 1100 €


Who is it for?

The training is aimed at anyone wishing to prepare, optimize and pass the TOEIC®  test « Listening and Reading »


Have at least a level B1 according to the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


· COACHING RECRUTEMENT + PRÉPARATION TOEIC : 1390 € + frais de dossier 50 € + 140 € frais inscription test TOEIC

· CCA + PRÉPARATION TOEIC : 3000 € + frais annexes

The CCA and TOEIC® courses are eligible for the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation)


·        Must be at least 18 years old

.     Have a minimum B1 level (CECRL Reference Scale Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

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The CCA and TOEIC® courses are eligible for the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation)
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