LODAP, Live one day as a Pilot

LODAP, Live one day as a Pilot

November 4, 2022
Airways Aviation Academy - Montpellier

Event Details

With over 30 years of international experience, today, Airways Aviation is the largest privately owned group of multidisciplinary aviation academies of its kind and delivers aviation education & training to prepare our students for optimum career outcomes.

The school opened its doors to you to make you live the experience of a student pilot for a day. Young men and women were welcomed to join us in Montpellier to discover our premises and our fleet and got to know the students and instructors. It was literally the perfect opportunity to confirm their desire for a career in aviation!

The day started with a breakfast, followed by a tour of the school, then a live lecture of an ATPL theoretical course. In the afternoon, the youth had the opportunity to perform a session on one of our flight simulators. Throughout the day, they were given time to ask all the questions they had to our instructors.

If you are interested in ejoying such a day, refer to the events that will bbe held in the upcoming months as we always host such amazing functions.

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