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Frequently asked questions

Looking for life-changing opportunity?
We offer courses in four different locations whether on site or virtually.
Where can I learn more?
To learn more, you can meet us at our next open day or upcoming expo by referring to our event calendar, or you can contact us to book an appointment with one of our experts.
How do I apply?
Applying for flight training is easy. Simply contact us at one of our academies and get started.
I’m not sure which training is right for me. Who should I talk to?
Once you fill out our online enquiry form, one of our experts will contact you and assist you in finding the best path that will benefit your aviation goals.
Do I have what it takes to become a pilot?
By training at Airways Aviation, you can easily acquire the skills and knowledge needed to become a qualified pilot. A great pilot has:
Strong teamwork skills
Good concentration
An ability to remain calm under pressure
An ability to lead
A clean medical certificate
What does the medical assess?
Medical examinations are used to assess your physical fitness and determine any medical conditions you may possess that might affect the safety of air navigation.

For more information about medicals in French, visit DGAC.
For more information about medicals in Australian, visit CASA.
What kind of aircraft can I fly?
Pilot training is very precise and involves gaining the skills and experience needed to fly a wide range of aircraft types, from single engine to multi engine planes, and successfully determine various instruments and operational strategies.

For information about European Union Safety Agency (EASA) license types in France, visit EASA.
For information about Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) license types in Australia, visit CASA.
How many flying hours will it take to become a commercial pilot?
In the United Kingdom, you must complete 195 flying hours before obtaining a Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane).

Flying hours for the EASA license are determined by the French DGAC.

In Australia, you must complete a minimum of 150 flying hours to obtain a Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane).

Flying hours for the Australian/CASA licenses are determined by CASA.
Do I have to pay for all my training in advance?
Training fees can be paid in advance or in instalments in coordination with your training schedule.
Can I do my pilot training part time?
Domestic students can choose to undertake pilot training part time. However, international students are only eligible for full time training as part of their visa requirements.
Where can I get help with my visa?
Kindly contact the Student Service Team at the Airways Aviation Training Academy of your choice for assistance with your visa.

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